About us

Our company

Jesace is officially established in 2008 and specialize in jewellery designs. Our unique jewellery series were handmade by a group of artist. We spend a lot of time in creating new designs and in handmade process. Our handmade jewellery glows popular and currently we have over 10000 different jewellery design.

In the year 2010, Jesace introduced other fashion catalog to add a new variety to what we offer to our customer.Scarfs, hair accessories, home decoration and so on was inserted into our retail inventory.

In the year 2013, Jesace offered professional photography , webdesign and IT solution services and we started our path into art related IT services.

Our team

From our team of artist, craftmens, salesman, designers and management , we are commited to ensure our product quality and the growth of our brand. We have strong passion in Art and we offer variety of designs for you to choose from.Do continue support us and encourage handmade art around us.